The Blue Room Boutique has evolved from a place of inspiration in Katie's childhood home, to the home where she raises her 5 children & now to an online boutique that she runs with her sister, Jennifer.

Here at the boutique, we are always ready to push up our sleeves and create. We create from scratch & cover a long list of needs. Translation: if you are looking for something for you, your child or for a special someone in your life, we probably have it. If we don't have it, chances are pretty good that we can make it! Just to list a few occasions that might cause you to stop by & shop: a baby on the way, a newborn, preparing for a photoshoot, an upcoming birthday, baptism, first communion or confirmation, any holiday, dressy events, prom, a wedding or simply because you have or know a child or a teenager. 

We have 300+ original headbands & barefoot sandals that we display at shows around southern Minnesota & the Twin Cities throughout the year. We are only able to list a small amount of our ever-changing and unique styles on our site. We invite you to visit our shop & view all the beautiful pieces that are ready to be shipped your way. If you see something that you like but it's not quite what you love, send us a message requesting a different color combo or style. We might already have the exact thing you are seeking!

If you are a customer who has a very specific style & loves to share inspiration, tell us exactly what you want instead of settling for something kind of close!  Customize a piece with your favorite colors and styles. Send us a piece of clothing from a loved one to upcycle into a special piece of clothing, headband or bowtie for your child. Be a part of the process from the start, right down to the last, tiny detail.When you receive your product, we want you to feel like the design is truly yours.

All handcrafted products from The Blue Room Boutique are created with the highest quality and attention to detail! 

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